Environmental Economics> Leading in sustainability science
Environmental Economics

Our department’s objective is to increase economic scientific understanding of the interactions between economic growth and the natural environment by developing, testing and applying novel integrated environmental-economic concepts, methods, models and instruments. The department strategy is to consolidate and further strengthen its position as a major player in the European field of environmental economics.

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Environmental Policy Analysis> Leading in sustainability science
Environmental Policy Analysis

Our department consists of an international research team that shares an interest in analyzing policies, institutions and governance mechanisms in the field of sustainability, and in exploring new forms of governance that better secure a transition to sustainable production and consumption in the Anthropocene.

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Water and Climate Risk> Leading in sustainability science
Water and Climate Risk

Our researchers share the same interest in studying hydrological and climate processes, and investigating how these processes lead to risks and opportunities for society, the economy, and the environment. The department is a global leading institute in flood and drought risk assessment as well as risk management research.

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Teaching Programs> Leading in sustainability science
Teaching Programs

With is location in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, IVM offers an high level graduate program in the area of Environmental Science: • The MSc Environment and Resource Management • The MSc Hydrology • An extensive PhD program • IVM participates in the BSc Earth Science and Economics

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