Lecture programmes

The EEE Research Colloquium
The EEE Research Colloquium is a platform for lectures on the theory and applications of environmental economics by internationally renowned experts organised by the department of Environmental Economics. Previous speakers have included (in alphabetic order): Markus Bliem (Institute for Advanced Studies, Klagenfurt, Austria), Ron van Erk (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs), Reyer Gerlagh (University of Manchester), Masako Ikefuji (FEEM, Milan), Stale Navrud (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Niggol Seo (Yale University), Richard Tol (ESRI, Dublin), Marcella Veronesi (University of Maryland – Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics).

The Environmental Policy Speakers Series
The Environmental Policy Speakers Series is a regular event at the department that brings together leading international and national experts on environmental policy and governance, and that serves as important locus of intellectual debate in the larger Amsterdam area. Previous speakers have included (in alphabetical order): Lorraine Elliot – The Australian National University / Maarten Hajer – Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency / Helen Ingram - University of California at Irvine / Sheila Jasanoff – Harvard University / Norichika Kanie - Tokyo Institute of Technology / Leslie King – University of Manitoba / James Meadowcroft – Carleton University / Paul Sabatier – University of California at Davis / Oran R. Young – University of California at Santa Barbara.

The EPA Brown-Bag Lunch Series
The lunches are a newly established monthly format for academic exchange and discussion within the EPA department. All other interested participants are of course also welcome to join in.
At each session, one EPA researcher (from junior to senior professorial level) is invited to present an ongoing academic project or future research plan to her/his colleagues. Once every few months, there will be an open slot for discussing 'hot' current affairs in environmental policy/politics. Each brown-bag lunch takes place on the 3rd Monday of every month, from 12-1 PM, in meeting room C-541 at IVM. More information: thijs.etty@ivm.vu.nl and constanze.haug@ivm.vu.nl.

The SPACE Lecture Series
These lectures are organised each 1st Monday of the month to offer a platform for discussion with internal and external experts on the scientific areas combined within the Department Spatial Analysis and Decision Support. These talks include presentations of ongoing and completed research projects at IVM and lectures of distinguished visitors to the institute or other invited speakers. Contact information: merijn.sligting@ivm.vu.nl