June 2013

Inaugural Speech Prof.dr.ir. Juliette Legler

cb 13On May 8, 2013, Juliette Legler held her inaugural speech as Professor of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Her goal over the next 5 years is to better understand how environmental contaminants affect basic biological processes at the molecular level, and how these changes lead to long term effects on human and ecosystem health.

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A tale of two planets: The Anthropocene revisited

space13Is the Anthropocene recent? Defined solely by the accelerating impacts of an industrial society that threatens the future of both humanity and the biosphere?

A closer look at the history of human use of land yields a very different story. Recently in PNAS, IVM professor Peter Verburg and international collegues present a new global history of land use suggesting that human transformation of the terrestrial biosphere was already globally significant more than 3000 years ago.

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New book Managing Extreme Climate Change Risks through Insurance published by Wouter Botzen at Cambridge University Press

ee botzenIt has been projected that natural disasters will become more frequent and harmful as a result of climate change and socio-economic trends. An important question that arises is how to design effective policies that limit the expected increase in these risks and reduce the impacts of natural disasters on societies. 

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Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Global Diffusion and Local Adaptation

epa 13Partnerships for Sustainable Development were once presented as universally applicable implementation instruments. They promised greater effectiveness and participation. Critics argued that partnerships would lead to green-washing and privatization. More than a decade after their introduction, the effects of PFSD on governance are limited, neither hopes nor fears have been substantiated.

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