Newsletter No. 2 • December 2017


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Dies lecture

On 20 October, Pieter van Beukering held Vrije Universiteit’s Dies Natalis (Birthday) lecture, in which he presented a broad vision for sustainability as a central issue in the university’s teaching and research. ‘Science for sustainability’ is one of the VU Amsterdam’s profile themes.

Francisco Estrada, Wouter Botzen and Richard Tol attracted a lot of media attention with their article in Nature Climate Change on climate change impacts in the world’s largest cities and cost–benefit analyses of urban heat island mitigation options (see under ‘Featured publications’). Newspapers all over the world (ranging from The Guardian to the Kuwait Times) showed interest, and Wouter was interviewed on Dutch television (fragment starts at 27 minutes).

Jeroen Aerts commented in the Dutch television news (28 August) on the impact of hurricane Harvey and the measures that could be taken to mitigate the impact of such hurricanes.

Philip Ward was interviewed by the Dutch radio on the occasion of the article in Nature Climate Change on the costs and benefits of flood protection in urban areas (see under ‘Featured publications’).

Activities in the framework of the CAPFLOproject, relating to citizens’ awareness and involvement in flood risk mitigation, also had media attention, both in Italy and in the Netherlands.