Upcoming events

Defence ceremonies

14 June 2019: PhD defence Willem Verhagen. Thesis title: ‘Managing our land for multiple ecosystem services – Identifying priority areas and actions to maintain and restore ecosystem services across Europe’.

19 June 2019: PhD defence Jarl Kind. Thesis title: ‘Drowning by Numbers – Social Welfare, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Flood Risk Management’.

24 June 2019: PhD defence Eleni Dellas. Thesis title: ‘Sharing Scarce Resources – Membership and allocation in permit trading schemes’.

28 June 2019: PhD defence Reinhard Prestele. Thesis title: ‘Linking land use and climate: the key role of uncertainty and spatial location’.

20 September 2019: PhD defence Christine Ornetsmüller. Thesis title: ‘Advancing the Representation of Human Dimensions in Large-scale Land Use Models – Case studies for Laos’.