Newsletter No. 2 • December 2016

Featured recent publications


Bianca van der Kroon (13 September2016).Climbing the African energy ladder. Internal and external factors influencing household demand for improved cookstoves and modern fuels in sub-Saharan Africa’.

Thu-Ha Dang Phan (16 September 2016). ‘Payments for Forest Ecosystem Services: Global and Local Assessments of Costs and Benefits’.

Eric Massey (13 December 2016). Innovation in policy: The emergence of climate adaptation as a new policy field’.


Aerts, J., & Mysiak, J. (eds) (2016).Novel Multi-Sector Partnerships in Disaster Risk Management - Results of the ENHANCE Project.

Journal articles:

Antimiani, A., Costantini, V., Kuik, O.J. & Paglialunga, E. (2016).Mitigation of adverse effects on competitiveness and leakage of unilateral EU climate policy: An assessment of policy instruments.Ecological Economics, 128, 246–259. doi: 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2016.05.003.

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