Newsletter No. 2 • December 2016

Prizes, awards and grants

Toon Haer and Sanne Muis have both been awarded a Fulbright research grant to support their research visit to the United States. Toon will spend three months at the Broom Center for Demography, University of California Santa Barbara, doing research on the relation between flood risk, flood management, and migration and displacement. Sanne will go to Princeton University (NJ) to do research on the global-scale modelling of coastal floods, focusing on the representation of tropical cyclones.

IVM, together with other partners, received a grant from NWO, the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research for the project ‘Flooding of a warmer world: learning from the last interglacial’. The researchers intend to predict the impacts of a warmer future climate by learning from what happened 125,000 years ago, when the earth was actually warmer and the sea level was higher. Based on paleo data and paleo climate models, they will show where and how extreme weather and floods occur in the warmer climate that is expected. More information can be obtained from Jeroen Aerts or Philip Ward.