Prizes, awards and grants

Awards and grants

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has awarded Jeroen Aerts the Gilbert F. White award in recognition of his original contributions to the natural hazards and disaster risks field. Sanne Muis is a recipient of the Natural Hazards Focus Group Award for Graduate Research.

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A poster by Jantsje Mol, Wouter Botzen, Julia Blasch and Hans de Moel was nominated for the ‘best poster award’ at the 2019 SPUDM (Subjective Probability, Utility, and Decision Making) conference. The topic of the poster is ‘Insights into flood risk misperceptions of homeowners’.

KoksElco Koks has been awarded a prestigious Veni grant, funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO). Elco will use the € 250,000 grant to work on improving resilience of global trade to climate extremes.

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Jeroen van den Bergh received an honorary doctorate from The Open University of the Netherlands (OU), in recognition of his pioneering contributions to the debate about environmental policy which relies on profound insights obtained by combining elements from behavioral and evolutionary economics with environmental economics. The honorary doctorate was conferred on 26 September 2019, during the celebration of the OU’s 35th anniversary.

At the Foodvalley Summit ‘The Protein Plan(et)’ in Wageningen a ‘Green Protein Lifetime Achievement Award’ was granted to IVM’s Harry Aiking

Aiking's achievement award