Staff and organisation news

Staff and organisation news

Sem Duijndam joined the Environmental Economics (EE) section as a junior researcher. He will mainly work on the CLAIM project (on solutions for marine plastic pollution).

Bianca Vermeer also joined EE as a PhD student. She will be working on the NEWCOMERS project (on new clean energy communities).

Marije Schaafsma returned to IVM’s EE section. She already worked at IVM as an environmental economist between 2005 and 2010, and has meanwhile held positions in the UK at the Universities of East Anglia, Cambridge and Southampton.

Cornelia Fast joined the Environmental Policy Analysis (EPA) section as a junior researcher for the ACTS research project (Action for Climate Transformation in Sweden).

Xiaoran Li is a new PhD student in EPA. She will study China’s new role in governing global climate change, and especially its multi-level climate governance situated at different policy levels.

Sadhana Nirandjan started as a PhD researcher at the Water and Climate Risk (WCR) section. Her research will focus on the risks of coastal flooding on critical infrastructure along the European coast. 

Paolo De Luca started at WCR as a postdoc position, funded by the TiPES project. The focus of his research will be understanding the causes, mechanisms and impacts of tipping points and associated extremes in the Earth’s system, with a focus over the Mediterranean.

Iris Manola also returned to IVM (WCR section). She worked at IVM already as a postdoctoral researcher between 2015 and 2017. She is now working on LAMACLIMA project and she aims to investigate how land cover changes influence large scale atmospheric variability, using climate models.

Rhian Ebrey is a new junior researcher in WCR. She is working on climate adaptation modelling, focussing on biodiversity and city models. She is also supporting the coordination of the master’s programme Global Environmental Change and Policy.

Raed Hamed also joined as a PhD student at WCR. His research will focus on climate risks for global agricultural production and consequences for the European economy.

Leen Felix joined the Environmental Geography (EG) section as a PhD student on the Terranova project. Her research topic is ‘Trade-offs between culture and nature in landscape development’.

Vita Bakker also joined EG as a PhD student. She will be working on the project ‘Guiding human settlements towards sustainable development’.

In January 2020, IVM will be moving to a new office on Vrije Universiteit campus. Our new premises will be in the brand new ‘NU’ building, on the 8th floor. Sustainable building materials, maximum energy and water efficiency and a green roof are among the building’s key features.

NU building