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Aalbers, E.E., Lenderink, G., van Meijgaard, E. & van den Hurk , B.J.J.M. (2018). Local-scale changes in mean and heavy precipitation in Western Europe, climate change or internal variability?Climate Dynamics, 50(11-12), 4745–4766. 

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Books and other publications

Hickmann, Th., Partzsch, L., Pattberg, Ph. & Weiland, S. (eds) (2018). The Anthropocene Debate and Political Science. Routledge. 

Hsu, A.; Widerberg, O.; Weinfurter, A.; Chan, S.; Roelfsema, M.; Lütkehermöller, K. & Bakhtiari, F. (2018). Bridging the emissions gap – The role of non-state and subnational actors. Pre-release of a chapter in: In The Emissions Gap Report 2018. A UN Environment Synthesis Report. United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi. 

van den Bergh, J.C.J.M. (2018). Human Evolution beyond Biology and Culture. Evolutionary Social, Environmental and Policy Sciences. Cambridge University Press.