Staff and organisation news

Hello and goodbye

After 15 years working as a secretary and general support staff member at IVM, Corry Zoll has retired as of 1 September. Her successor is Angeline Stelling. Before joining IVM, Angeline has worked for 13 years at the University of Queensland, Australia. At IVM she has the function of secretary and office manager.
Katarzyna Negacz is a new junior researcher in EPA, working on the international biodiversity governance project. Rosa Pols joined IVM as a junior teacher.

Shutong He is a new PhD student in the IVM department of Environmental Economics (EE). In her PhD project, she will use the insights from behavioural economics and environmental psychology to investigate how non-price measures can contribute to higher levels of energy-efficiency investment and energy conservation behaviour of urban households in China. Linh Nguyen also joined IVM as a PhD student in the Environmental Economics Department. Within the CLAIM research project she will develop an economic model that provides financial incentives for fishermen to collect litter. 

Job Dullaart started as a PhD student for the Water and Climate Risk dept. Sarah Kew and Sjoukje Philip also joined this dept.

James Patterson left IVM and started as an Assistant Professor at the Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University. Andres Diaz Loaiza also exited IVM.

Stephan Slingerland has started as a 1-year guest researcher at the IVM Department of Environmental Policy Analysis (EPA). Stephan’s research interest is the geopolitics of energy transition and of sustainability transitions in general. Other guest researchers we have recently welcomed are Yuan Wang, Marta Bonato (Environmental Geography), Erdoğan Atmiş (EPA) and Julie Skrydstrup (W&CR).