2nd SDG Conference

Together with other groups in the Vrije Universiteit, the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) is collaborating with the University of Amsterdam and UNESCO-IHE in organizing and hosting the 2nd SDG Conference in Amsterdam on 25-26 June 2018.

06/12/2018 | 4:43 PM

The three Sustainable Development Goals that are discussed include SDG2 (food), SDG6 (fresh water) and SDG13 (climate). 

The aim of the 2018 Conference is to mobilize scholars, policy makers, business and civil society to share their perspectives on and critically review these three Goals and their related targets as well as their potential for mobilizing the world to more equitable and environmentally sustainable futures.

IVM/VU is leading the plenary kick-off on the 2nd day as well as a number of breakout sessions, such as (i) The urgency of a diet transition; (ii) The global dimensions of local realities; (iii) Urban adaptation and risk reduction; and (iv) Trade-offs in global food systems.

This is explicitly meant to be an inclusive conference and we invite all to join. 

You can register here.