Collaboration VU and City of Amsterdam measures perception Rembrandtpark visitors

Researchers at the VU will use an app this summer to collect information about how people in Amsterdam use and perceive the Rembrandtpark. Everyone (from 18 years) can take part and download the ‘Mijn Park’ app for free via the Google Play and Apple App stores.

05/17/2018 | 4:10 PM

Perception of green areas in Amsterdam
Urban green is good for your health. Urban green is good for social cohesion and Amsterdam’s city parks are being used more and more intensively. It is the City of Amsterdam’s responsibility to ensure that the parks remain attractive for everyone, but how do people use the parks? What do Amsterdammers do in the park? How do they perceive urban green? Why do some cultural groups use parks more than others? Why does everyone swarm to the Vondelpark on a warm afternoon while, less than a kilometre away, whole fields are empty in the Rembrandtpark?

Pilot with Mijn Park app
To answer these questions, the City of Amsterdam conducts a survey once every five years – the so-called Great Green Survey. Now researchers at the VU want to see if this information can also be collected via a mobile app. This summer a pilot will be carried out in the Rembrandtpark. Via the Mijn Park app visitors to the park can make their contribution. Everyone can download the Mijn Park app and complete it to take part in the research. This is also called ‘crowdsourcing’ because the crowd is the source of information that is being researched. It is also called ‘citizen science’ because citizens are involved in scientific research.

Aims of the Mijn Park app
The pilot in the Rembrandtpark has two aims: 1) see if the app is a useful way to collect this information and  2) collect information about how people use and perceive certain locations as well as the entire park.
The Rembrandtpark was chosen as pilot area because a renovation is planned there from 2019 on. More knowledge about the perception and wishes of park users can help to inform the renovation.

Free download Mijn Park
The Mijn Park app can be downloaded in the Google Play and Apple App stores. On the Day of the Park on 27 May the publicity campaign for the app will be launched in the Rembrandtpark.

For more information:
Bep Schrammeijer, Tel: +31 0681235669
Twitter: @MijnPark
Instagram: mijnrembrandtpark