Dim Coumou in Nieuwsuur, NY Times and Universiteit van Nederland about the increase of heat waves and extreme weather

In Nieuwsuur, climate scientist Dim Coumou explains the link between climate change and the pronounced increases in heat waves around the globe.

07/16/2019 | 2:25 PM

Simple long-term warming of the air, due to global warming, is a prime reason why nowadays heatwaves are much more intense. Further, Coumou explains that the weakening of the Jetstream starts to affects the movement of the high- and low-pressure fields and thereby our weather. For the fragment (in Dutch) see here.

The New York Times reports on the rapid increase in heat waves in Europe noting some recent research findings by Coumou. You can read the full article here.

In a video (in Dutch) by Universiteit van Nederland, Dim looks into the increased frequency of heat waves in the Netherlands.