The Alpro Foundation Award goes to Perrine Laroche for her research on dietary change

Eating less animal-based foods may have environmental benefits. But what are the potential ecological impacts from eating more plant-based foods?

04/30/2021 | 2:54 PM

IVM's PhD Candidate Perrine Laroche, part of the Environmental Geography group, has been attributed the 2020 Alpro Foundation Award for best scientific paper in the field of plant-based nutrition. This award honours the work carried out by Perrine and her colleagues to quantify and distribute the land footprint and ecological impacts of current and alternative Western diets, across the globe. 

Their spatially explicit assessment rallies several indicators to suggest that alternative diets allow for less intensive and more varied agricultural systems built on reinforced ecological infrastructure. To that respect, pollinators are key elements and replacing animal proteins by protein from legumes might enable reducing use of chemical fertilizers. However, additional pressures may arise in some places due to increased demand for certain foods. Therefore, diets won't come without trade-offs, unless strong commitments shape sound and fair trade relationships. Trade agreements are key to uplift individual efforts to adopt sustainable diets.

Want to know more? You can freely access the article, read the blogpost or watch the recording of the interview conducted upon receiving the award