Humboldt Research Award Winner Prof. Jeroen Aerts

Every year, the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awards the prestigious Humboldt Research Award to internationally renowned scientists for their work to date. The researchers are distinguished by the fact that they have had a lasting impact on their own discipline as well as on their specific field of work. The award winners receive 60,000 Euro to carry out a research project with colleagues at institutions in Germany.

04/30/2021 | 1:38 PM

IVM's Jeroen Aerts has now been awarded with the Humboldt Research Award. With his host Prof. Bruno Merz from the GFZ, Potsdam, he will focus on the topic of hydrological extremes and risks, among others. One goal is to better understand and model the connection between human influence in relation to flood risks. The scientists merge data, models and expertise to develop approaches that include human behaviour and adaptation measures in flood risk assessments. Changes in vulnerability and human behaviour are of great importance as they can determine whether an extreme flood will have catastrophic consequences or not.