Five IVM researchers included in the Reuters Hot List Of The World’s Top Climate Scientists

Climate change is one of the key research themes of IVM/VU Amsterdam, and the Reuters press agency ranking of the world’s most influential climate scientists recognizes the leading role IVM plays in this research field.

04/30/2021 | 1:38 PM

The five IVM researchers included in the Reuters ranking of the World’s most influential climate scientists are from the Department of Environmental Economics (Prof. Richard Tol and Prof. Wouter Botzen), the Department of Water and Climate Risk (Prof. Jeroen Aerts and Prof. Philip Ward) and the Department of Environmental Geography (Prof. Peter Verburg). 

IVM researchers from different disciplines commonly collaborate in climate change research to contribute to solutions for solving the climate crisis. The excellent representation of IVM in this world ranking is a recognition of the impact of this work. 

The Reuters hot list can be accessed here.