P.J. Robinson MSc

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faculteit der b├Ętawetenschappen ( dep. environmental economics )
PhD Researcher


Peter Robinson is a PhD student in the department of Environmental Economics of the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has a background in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, with a particular focus on Development Economics. His MSc thesis addressed the effect of transport infrastructure on differences in growth rates between coastal and inland regions in China.

Currently, Peter Robinson is working on a PhD project concerning the Behavioural Economics of flood insurance demand. This project aims to contribute to the development of stable flood insurance arrangements, improve the understanding of low-probability/high-impact (LPHI) risk, economic evaluations of insurance arrangements, and the influence of LPHI risk on individual behaviour.

Academic training

MSc Economics, with a specialization in Development Economics,
University of Amsterdam
2009-2013BA Economics, University of Aberdeen

Professional employment history

2016-presentPhD student, Behavioural Economics of flood insurance demand,
Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM ), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Ancillary activities

No ancillary activities
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