O. Sheremet MA

PhD candidate


Oleg Sheremet is a PhD candidate in the department of Environmental Economics at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM).

He has extensive research and training experience across a number of fields, including physics, environmental sciences, economics and finance. He is specializing in econometric risk modeling and socio-economic impact assessment methods, such as modeling of the effects of climate change-related risks and economic valuation of ecosystem services.

His expertise consists of both practical analysis skills (he worked for the Ukrainian National Center  for Nuclear Power Plant Safety) and academic research (as a researcher at VU University Amsterdam). In particular, he was assessing the socio-economic costs of reconstruction of Chernobyl NEP confinement shelter, short-term and long-term impacts of raising taxes on air pollution, and economic effects and possibilities to insure against catastrophic risks. More recently, in 2012, he was involved in a joint IVM-PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) project on modeling of inter-linkages between agricultural efficiency and value of ecosystem services.

Another side of his research is related to financial aspects of environmental problems. In particular, he took part in the project aimed at development of private insurance scheme against flood risk in the Netherlands, with special emphasis on optimal role of the financial markets, and effects of uncertainties about potential flood losses resulted from the climate change.


Environmental economics, econometrics, economic valuation of ecosystem services, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, risk and uncertainty.

Academic training


Masters Degree in Economics; major field macroeconomics and econometrics, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.


Specialist Degree in Radio Physics, Kharkiv State University, Ukraine.

Professional employment history


Promovendus, Departament of Environmental Economics, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), VU University Amsterdam.


Research Associate, Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, Kiev, Ukraine.


Researcher, Inter-Disciplinary Research Centre “Shelter”, Chernobyl, Ukraine.


Research Assistant, Institute for Single Crystals, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Selected publications

  • Sheremet, O. and Brouwer, R. (in progress). Risk attribute attendance in repeated choice experiments: How much do respondents care about catastrophic risk?
  • Sheremet, O. & Lucas, A. (2009). Global Loss Diversification in the Insurance Sector. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 44(3), 415-425.
  • Botzen, W. & Sheremet, O. (2007). Micro-Credit and Climate Change Adaptation in Rural Kenya. IVM Report (W-07/19). Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University, Amsterdam.