N.S. Funke MSc

+31 20 59 89555
faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( dep. environmental policy analysis )
PhD Researcher


Nikki Funke is a senior researcher in the Natural Resources and Environment Unit at the Council for Scientific Research (CSIR) in Pretoria, South Africa. She is currently registered for a PhD degree at IVM, and her study focuses on conceptualising and analysing the roles that scientists have played in the prominent and critical Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) issue in South Africa. Nikki’s research interests predominantly fall into two categories. The first category focuses on analysing the governance, institutional, policy and legislative dynamics of the water and environmental sectors in South Africa. The second category focuses on developing a theory-based understanding of evidence-based policy-making in the South African water and environmental sectors, and specifically the roles of scientists and science, as well as contributing to international theory on the subject. She has published a number of articles and book chapter on these and related issues.

Five key publications

Funke, N., Claassen, M., Meissner, R. & Nortje, K (editors) (2014). Reflections on the State of Research and Technology in South Africa’s Marine and Maritime Sectors. Pretoria: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

Meissner, R. & Funke, N. (2014). The Politics of Establishing Catchment Management Agencies in South Africa: The Case of the Breede Overberg Catchment Management Agency. In Huitema,  D. & Meijerink, S. (eds), The Politics of River Basin Organisations: Coalitions, Institutional Design Choices and Consequences. Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Funke, N. & Nienaber, S. (2012). Promoting Uptake and Use of Conservation Science in South Africa by Government. Water SA, 38(1), 105-115.

Funke, N., Nienaber, S. & Henwood, R. (2011). Scientists as Lobbyists? How Science Can Make Its Voice Heard in the South African Policy-making Arena. Journal of Public Affairs,11(4), 287-296.

Godfrey, L., Funke, N. & Mbizvo, C. (2010). Bridging the Science-Policy Interface: a New Era for South African Research and the Role of Knowledge Brokering. South African Journal of Science,106(5/6), 1-8.