Dr A.J. van Hemert



Mieke van Hemert is a visiting researcher at the Institute for Environmental Studies at the VU University Amsterdam. She studies environmental issues from a science and technology studies (STS) perspective. Before venturing into research, she worked at the NGO Both Ends, the Physical Planning Department of the City of Amsterdam and as a freelance editor/copywriter. After finishing her MSc thesis on the ‘technological script’ in Dutch river management, she evaluated, together with John Grin, Jan van Tatenhove and Maarten Hajer, an interactive spatial planning project on the Veluwe Border Lakes drawing on insights from political science and STS. Her PhD thesis deals with river science as an emerging interdisciplinary research area, in which complexity thinking and remote sensing technology shape exchanges between ecologists, earth scientists and engineers as well as the river landscape. Together with Willem Halffman she studied the involvement of Dutch environmental NGOs with research and organised a workshop on the topic (EU project CRÊPE). A project at the Rathenau Institute, with Barend van der Meulen, focused on the role research programmes play in knowledge integration in river research and coastal research. Geo-engineering and its governance, with a focus on issues of scale and ignorance, will be studied in collaboration with Arthur Petersen and his group. A study of socio-ecological issues around the Godavari river and the Polavaram project in India, with Madhu Ramnath and Jayaprakash Polsani Rao, is in preparation.


Information and contact:

Personal website: emptywww.miekevanhemert.eu







Academic training

2008PhD Science and Technology Studies, University of Twente
1999MSc Science and Technology Dynamics (cum laude), University of Amsterdam
1989MSc Physical Geography, University of Utrecht

Professional employment history

2012-presentPost-doctoral researcher IFRIS and Centre Alexandre Koyré, Paris
2011-presentVisiting researcher VU University Amsterdam, Institute for Environmental Studies, Dep. Environmental Policy Analysis
2011Independent Researcher at ask analysis and synthesis of knowledge
2009-2010Researcher Rathenau Institute, Dep. Science System Assessment
2002-2009PhD candidate, researcher, University of Twente, Dep. Science, Technology, Health & Policy Studies
2006-2007Visiting PhD student University of Marne-la-Vallée, Laboratoire Techniques Territoires et Sociétés
2001Junior researcher University of Amsterdam, Dep. Political Science


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