Researchers Department Environmental Policy Analysis


Department  Head
Prof. Philipp PattbergProfessor Transnational Environmental Governance and Policy

Academic Staff
Dr Oscar WiderbergDeputy Head and Assistant Professor
Prof. Dave HuitemaProfessor Public Administration and Public Policy
Dr Jampel Dell'AngeloAssociate Professor of Water Governance and Politics
Dr Nicolien van der GrijpSenior Researcher Environmental Governance and Law
Dr Johanna Koehler
Assistant Professor

Cornelia Fast, MScJunior Researcher
Caterina Marinetti, MSc
Science Project Manager
Dr Katarzyna NegaczJunior Researcher
Dr Matilda PeterssonResearcher
Dan Petrovics, MSc
Junior Researcher
Neele van den Bongardt
Coordinator Amsterdam Sustainability Institute

PhD Candidates
Alejandra Burchard, MSc
PhD Candidate
Raisa Cole, MSc
PhD Candidate
Michael Davies-Venn, MSc
PhD Candidate
Okechukwu Enechi, MA
PhD Candidate: Global environmental governance
Nikki Funke, MSc
PhD Candidate
Dona Geagea, MSc
PhD Candidate
Xiaoran Li, MSc
PhD Candidate: Climate governance
Stewart Motta, MSc
PhD Candidate
Javier Rodriguez, MSc
PhD Candidate
Mirja Schoderer, MSc
PhD Candidate
Nina Valin, MSc
PhD Candidate
Erick Velázquez, MSc
PhD Candidate

Visiting Fellows
Dr Julia Grimm
Dr Yasemin Atalay
Lukas HermwillePostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Aysem MertResearcher
Dr Piero Morseletto
Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Lisa Sanderink
Postdoctoral Researcher
Stephan Slingerland
Dr Frans van der WoerdSenior Researcher Economics