Dr K.F. van der Woerd

+31 20 59 89533
hrm, arbo & milieu ( directie & staf )
Senior researcher


During his academic career, Frans van der Woerd has pursued two lines of research:

  • Development and assessment of environmental strategies in companies, in relation to government (re)regulation;
  • Socio-economic aspects of the drive for a climate neutral society, focused on the built environment.


MESO-Economic Aspects of Environmental and Energy policies:

  • Social and economic drivers for the implementation of sustainable energy systems, focused on climate neutral neighbourhoods;
  • Environmental strategies of energy and other companies. The role of companies in international environmental governance;
  • Changing interactions between companies and environmental authorities; effectiveness of business environmental management and communicative policy instruments;
  • Costs and business economic consequences of regulatory compliance.

Academic training

1997Ph.D. thesis: Self-regulation in corporate environmental management: changing interactions between companies and authorities
1985Master Course on Environmental Sciences, University of Amsterdam
1973 – 1979Masters degree in Economics, University of Amsterdam. Major Fields: Regional economics, Transport economics, Public Finance

Professional employment history

since 1985Senior Researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2011 – 2014Member ‘Employees Council’ (Ondernemingsraad) Vrije Universiteit
1980 – 1984Policy Advisor, Department of Public Bus Transport, Dutch Ministry of Transport, The Hague

Recent projects

  • Ecostiler 2005-2012 (Energy efficient Community Stimulation by use and Integration of Local Energy Resources; EU-Concerto Programme)
  • STEM 2006-2009 (Structurele Evaluatie Milieuwetgeving; in opdracht van Ministerie van VROM; waaronder deelprojecten ‘’Evaluatie van het Besluit financiele zekerheid, 2006”” en ‘’Evaluatie Wet Handhavingsstructuur”, 2007)
  • NEXT-Buildings 2012-2017 (Next Zero Energy Buildings at lowest Cost by using Competitive Sustainable Technology;EU-Smart Cities Programme)

Membership advisory bodies

  • Dutch cyclist union (ENFB) - Amsterdam activities.

Selected publications

Woerd, K.F. van der & Hisschemoller, M (2012). Urban renovation and the challenges for public participation. Amsterdam, IVM Report R-12/09.

Woerd, K.F. van der & Neerhof, A.R.(2007).Evaluatie Wet handhavingsstructuur en Besluit kwaliteitseisen handhaving miliebeheer. STEM publicatie 2007/2.

Woerd, K.F. van der, Peeters, M. & Braek, G. in de (2006). Evaluatie van het besluit financiele zekerheid. STEM publicatie 2006/2

Woerd, K.F. van der, Begg, K. & Levy (Eds.) (2005). The Business of Climate Change - Corporate Responses to Kyoto. Sheffield: Greenleaf Publishing.

Woerd, K.F. van der & Brink, T. van den (2004). Feasibility of a Responsive Business Scorecard - a pilot study. Journal of Business ethics, 55(2) 173-186.

Woerd, K.F. van der, Levy, D. & Begg, K (Eds.) (2003). Corporate responses to Climate Change. Greener Management International 39, 22-118.

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Woerd, K.F. van der (1997). Environmental management systems in the Netherlands: towards the third generation of environmental licensing? In Collier, V. (Ed.), Deregulation in the European Union: environmental perspectives. London: Routledge.

Olsthoorn, X., Oosterhuis, F. & Woerd, K.F. van der (1995). A European solvent tax to reduce VOC emissions. In Dietz, F., Vollebergh, H. & Vries, J. de (Eds.), Environment, incentives and the common market. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.