Dr M.P. (Mark) Bokhorst

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faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( dep. water & climate risk )
Assistant Professor


Mark is co-founder and coordinator of the bachelor and master programme in Earth Sciences and Economics, in Dutch ‘Aarde en economie’. The programme bridges between the insight in natural processes that continuously change our natural environment – e.g. climate change, groundwater hydraulics, sea level rise, soil subsidence, earth quakes – and spatial economic needs – e.g. safe places to live, natural resources, energy, drinking water. This beta-gamma interdisciplinary program was founded in 2007 and nowadays has an inflow of about 80 students per year. It is rated by students as best in its type in The Netherlands and one of the best at VU University.

Mark coordinates and teaches the introduction course ‘Aarde en economie’, the first year research training containing fieldwork in Zuid-Limburg (NL) ‘Veldwerk Aarde en economie’ and the third year research training ‘Spring School’ containing fieldwork in Salzburg (AT), in cooperation with the Z_GIS group at Universität Salzburg. Apart from that he is involved in many other subjects and coordinates master thesis en research projects.

He is involved in future VU-UvA cooperation preparations, involving new master programs in Environment related topics, better profiling and exchange possibilities for bachelor students. Mark is also involved in the Erasmus Mundus Central Asia exchange program gSMART and represents LGBT’s in the VU University diversity program advisory board.


Mark’s specializations include general physical geography, landscape analysis, historical geography, landscape ecology, geomorphology, paleo-climatology, bridging between different (science) institutes or specialists.

Academic training

2001-2005PhD Paleo-climatology, VU University Amsterdam, department of Earth Sciences. Title: “Last Glacial Climate Variability in Eastern and Central Europe as recorded in Loess Deposits”, defended 18 May 2009
1995-2001Physical Geography, University of Amsterdam

Professional employment history

2008-presentAssistant Professor Earth Sciences and Economics, department of Earth Sciences – Earth and Climate. From 1 February 2016 Institute of Environmental Sciences (IVM) – Water and Climate Risk
2005-2015Contact person Earth Sciences and Economics, department Marketing and Communication, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2001-2005PhD, department of Earth Sciences - Quaternary Geology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Selected publications

Vermaat, J.E. & Bokhorst, M.P. (2012). Earth Sciences and Economics, a productive and dynamic interface awaiting exploration. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences, 91(1-2), 271–277.

Bokhorst, M.P. (2009). Last Glacial climate variability in eastern and central Europe as recorded in loess deposits. PhD-thesis, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 128 pp.

Bokhorst, M.P., Vandenberghe, J., Sümegi, P., ŁLanczont, M., Gerasimenko, N.P., Matviishina, Z.N., Marković, S.B. & Frechen M. (2011). Atmospheric circulation patterns in central and eastern Europe during the Weichselian Pleniglacial inferred from loess grain-size records. Quaternary International, 234(1–2), 62–74.

Bokhorst, M.P., Beets, C.J., Marković, S.B., Gerasimenko, N.P., Matviishina, Z.N. & Frechen M. (2009). Pedo-chemical climate proxies in Late Pleistocene Serbian–Ukranian loess sequences. Quaternary International, 198(1–2), 113–123.

Bokhorst, M.P. & Vandenberghe, J. (2009). Validation of wiggle matching using a multi-proxy approach and its palaeoclimatic significance. Journal of Quaternary Science 24(8), 937–947.

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Bokhorst, M.P., Duller, G.A.T. & van Mourik, J.M. (2005). Optical dating of a Fimic Anthrosol in the southern Netherlands. Journal of Archaeological Science, 32(4), 547–553.


Bruinsma, F.R. & Bokhorst, M.P. (2013). The importance of the water management sector in the Dutch agriculture and wider economy. In Giarratani, F., Hewings, G.J.D. & McCann, P., Handbook of Industry Studies and Economic Geography. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar, 502 pp.