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Ralph Lasage has been employed at the Institute for Environmental Studies since September 2002. He is employed as a researcher and project manager, acting as the project manager of the projects ENHANCE, RESPONSES and ADAPTS. He is also teaching courses in various BSc and MSc programs at the VU, and gives training to practitioner, government staff and researchers in developing countries. His research covers many aspect of global change, focussing on water resources. For instance on the impacts of sea level rise and changes in river hydrology on communities and ecosystems.

An important part of the research aims at developing and evaluating adaptive measures, which are designed to meliorate the negative impacts. Here he uses the concept of vulnerability and several indicators and criteria. His work relates to developing countries as well as to developed countries, and ranges from community based activities to basin scale evaluations. In working on adaptation measures and strategies he combines global data with local knowledge and priorities of stakeholders.


Climate change impacts, adaptation strategies, adaptive capacity and vulnerability research, water management, stakeholder workshops, project management.

Academic training

2010-2015PhD Community based adaptation in water management, assessing impacts and vulnerability
1996-2002Master's degree in Ecohydrology, Environmental sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Professional employment history

2006-presentProject leader, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit
2002-2006Researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit
2002-2002Student Assistant, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit

Selected publications

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