Dr P. Scussolini

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faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( dep. water & climate risk )


Dr Paolo Scussolini is postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the Water and Climate Risk department of the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM).

Presently, he aims to combine the efforts of the paleo climate and the climate impacts communities. In his LIG Floods project he uses paleo climate models, global hydrological and hydraulic models and flood risk models to look how floods impacts may look like if a warmer climate, similar to the Last Interglacial (125,000 years ago) were to materialize. He is also interested in how climate change and growth alter flood risk at the city-scale, and in the effects of measures of climate adaptation.

His background is in the environmental disciplines, and he specialized in climatology. He started his research activities investigating the lacustrine ecology of the Pyrenees from a paleolimnological perspective. He then wrote a Ph.D. thesis in the field of paleoclimatology and paleoceanography, studying the dynamics of glacial-interglacial climate change, as recorded in marine sediment cores from the South Atlantic Ocean.

Paolo coordinates the BSc Honours’ course in Climate Change, and the MSc course in Water Management.


Climatology, climate impacts, climate change, paleoclimatology, oceanography, ecology, micropaleontology, marine geochemisty.

Academic training

2010-2014PhD candidate. Earth and Climate group, VU Amsterdam
2009-2010MSc Environmental Management and Restoration. University of Barcelona, Spain
2000-2006MSc Environmental Science. University of Parma, Italy


Professional employment history

Postdoctoral researcher. Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), W&CR dept, VU Amsterdam
2013Researcher and trace element lab technician. Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Bergen, Norway.
2010-2013Junior researcher – Paleoclimatology. , Earth and Climate group, VU Amsterdam
2009-2010MSc researcher – Paleoecology. Ecology dept., University of Barcelona
2006-2007Consultant for air quality. CESI s.p.a., Piacenza, Italy


Recent projects

  • RISES-AM- (EU FP7)
  • GATEWAYS (EU FP7 Marie Curie ITN)
  • LIG Floods (NWO)

Selected publications

Link to full publication list at IVM

Muis, S., Verlaan M., Nicholls, R.J., Brown, S., Hinkel, J., Lincke, D., Vafeidis, A.T., Scussolini, P., Winsemius, H.C. & Ward, P.J. (2017). A comparison of two global datasets of extreme sea levels and resulting flood exposure. Earth's Future, 5(4), 379–392, doi: 10.1002/2016EF000430.

Scussolini, P., Aerts, J.C.J.H., Jongman, B., Bouwer, L.M., Winsemius, H.C., De Moel, H & Ward, P.J. (2016). FLOPROS: an evolving global database of flood protection standards. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 16, 1049–1061. doi: 10.5194/nhess-16-1049-2016.

Scussolini, P., Marino, G., Brummer, G.-J.A. & Peeters, F.J.C. (2015). Saline Indian Ocean Waters invaded the South Atlantic thermocline during glacial termination II. Geology, 43(2), 139–142.

van Sebille, E., Scussolini, P., Durgadoo, J.V.,Peeters, F.J.C., Biastoch, A., Weijer, W., Turney, C., Paris, C.B. & Zalm,R.(2015). Ocean currents generate large footprints in marine palaeoclimate proxies. Nat Commun, 6.

Scussolini, P. & Peeters, F.J.C. (2013). A record of the last 460 thousand years of upper ocean stratification from the central Walvis Ridge, South Atlantic. Paleoceanography, 28(3), 426–439.  

Scussolini, P., van Sebille, E. & Durgadoo, J.V. (2013). Paleo Agulhas rings enter the subtropical gyre during the penultimate deglaciation. Clim Past. 9(6), 2631–2639. 

Scussolini, P., Vegas-Vilarrúbia, T., Rull, V., Corella, J., Valero-Garcés, B. & Gomà, J. (2011). Middle and late Holocene climate change and human impact inferred from diatoms, algae and aquatic macrophyte pollen in sediments from Lake Montcortès (NE Iberian Peninsula). Journal of Paleolimnology, 46(3), 369-385.