Renewable energy in Africa – IS Academy (2009-2014)

Although energy is widely recognised as a crucial condition for development, 1.6 billion people worldwide have no electricity and 2.6 billion people still depend on traditional biomass as main energy source. This is an important reason for the Netherlands Ministry of Development Cooperation (DGIS) to reserve a budget of € 500 million on renewable energy and the environment in developing countries. This study investigates how the Netherlands can promote the use of renewable energy in developing countries with the goal to improve access to affordable energy, support development and reduce poverty and increase energy security at the national level. The project is commissioned by the Department of Research and Communication (DCO), Ministry of Development Cooperation (DGIS) both from the Netherlands. The Dutch project partners are Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), Unit Policy Studies, Department of Environment and Water, Ministry of Development Cooperation (DGIS).

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Contact information: Dr Pieter van Beukering

More information:, Scoping Paper IS Academy - ReNew