This theme relates to understanding how climate change influences our society, how we can reduce the greenhouse effect, and how can adapt to inevitable impacts. IVM takes a multidisciplinary approach to climate management and climate policy, including the physical dimensions of the problem (e.g. the relation with water), and we apply climate modeling and services to support policy making, regulations and governance.

The objective of climate research at IVM is to understand how climate change relates to other resources such as water and energy and, for example, what role water management and climate change governance plays in addressing and tackling issues as floods and droughts at various policy levels. Climate research puts emphasis on the uncertainty of future trends and how climate services and climate models can be helpful for energy, ecosystem and water managers when dealing with these uncertainties. It also emphasizes the many new and additional governance experiments, from subnational carbon markets to global certification and labelling schemes, that have emerged to address the climate change challenge.

EPA project example: CONNECT