MSc Econometrics and Operations Research: Climate Econometrics

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Master         English         1 year         Full time

What’s the master programme about?

Climate econometrics is a specialisation of the Master programme, Econometrics and Operations Research. 

In this specialization, econometrics, statistical theory of high-dimensional spaces and computer science skills for handling big data in a data-rich environment are explored; students subsequently apply these skills to climate change challenges. The programme allows students to understand, create and estimate econometric (climate) models in order to analyse economic effects and to assist in policy making.

In the videos, teachers explain important themes that will be covered in the programme.



Mandatory specialization courses:

  • Land Use Change and Ecosystems 

Specialization choice courses:

  • Climate Impacts & Policy
  • Climate Systems
  • Advanced Spatial Analysis 
  • Climate Hydrological Processes
  • Economics of Climate Change
  • Big Data Statistics 
  • Environmental Economics 

Core Courses:

  • Thesis MSc EOR – Econometrics
  • Advanced Econometrics
  • Multivariate Econometrics
  • Time Series Models

For further information about specialisations, check out the Study guide.

Future prospects

At the end of the programme, you have acquired data science skills and knowledge of climate change science. You know the practical skills of analysing, modelling, monitoring and forecasting key climate change variables, for the purpose of improving policy and decision-making. As a graduate you will be an invaluable asset to Climate research institutes, Governmental institutions and businesses such as the insurance and re-insurance companies that are heavily affected by climate change.

Contact person:Toon Haer and Eric Beutner.

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