PhD Programme Water and Climate Risk


The PhD programme of the Department of Water and Climate Risk aims at developing data and modeling methods for the analysis of societal and environmental risk related to water and climate. The focus is on water and climate extremes such as floods and droughts, to estimate impacts from these extremes on various economic sectors, and to examine what strategies can be developed to reduce impacts and risk.

The PhD programme of the WCR Department follows the department's four main research lines or specialisations: (1) Global Water and Climate risk; (2) Risk Modelling and e-Science; (3) Risk-Based Decision Making and Adaptation; and (4) Climate Modelling and Extreme Events (more information here).

The department of WCR has a strong international orientation with a large research network and there are many collaboration activities with colleague universities and institutes from all over the world. Many of our PhD students use their tie as guest researcher at one of our international network institutes: e.g. JRC, Columbia Earth Institute, PIK Potsdam, Oxford University, etc.

Enrolment: see PhD enrolment.


For more information or applications, please contact Prof. Jeroen Aerts or Dr Philip Ward.